Alison Sye
London Postcards, 4 Pack

London Postcards, 4 Pack

23 GBP

4 eco-friendly postcards, stitched from discarded papers (I found around London) and cereal boxes.

Each card (19 x 15cms) is unique, not printed, but original work. 

Please be aware that if you live outside the EU you may be subject to a charge in accordance with your country's customs/duties laws. Free UK delivery.

In keeping with my eco-friendly ethos, they will arrive at your door in a package stitched from old magazines and the like. No single-use plastic or parcel tape.

I can send them as a gift (eco-friendly wrapping), with label and words of your choice.

£1 from this sale will go to Arts Emergency. This is a small London based charity aiming to ensure university doors are kept open for those most able to benefit from, but least able to pay for education.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a shout,